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We Develop High Quality and Fully Functional Car Rental Application, which allows users to rent different Cars as per their needs.

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Are you running a car rental business? In order to simplify process and make things easier it’s a good idea to own an app to run your business successfully. Car renting business has become popular now a days. People who are on a trip to a new place and if they want to travel, the best idea would be to approach a car renting agency and get car booked for number of days required. Car renting business is extremely beneficial for travelers, people who are new to country or place, people who are in search of vehicles and so on.

Renting the automobiles is the prime focus of the car renting business. If app is used by the business, the process of car renting, payments, etc. are simplified.

Owning an app for car renting business is beneficial?

1. Undoubtedly if you have an app for your business you would captivate and reach many customers. Many people would know about your car renting business.

2. Moreover, you can expect good returns.

3. You can expand your business.

4. Many processes would become uncomplicated.

So, there are many benefits of owning an app for your business. The task would be transparent too.


Customer Panel

Sign up: The user can feed the details and can access the app. Social media login is another simple way of using the link and accessing the app.

Multiple Car Types: This element can assist the customers in finding more information regarding the car types and the corresponding package cost and as such.

Booking: The user can book or schedule and hire car on the preferred date in advance and can wait for the updates.

Book immediately: The user can book and hire the car immediately using the element.

Manage bookings: The user can glance at the forthcoming bookings.

Price calculator: The user can get to know the cost according to the number of days or hours used and other details.

Payments and Invoice: The user can pay through various options provided and bills/invoice can be used to look at the price distribution.

Push notifications: The user can get to know all the updates in timely manner.

Car tracking: The car can be tracked by the customers.

Pick up points: The customer can pick up the rental car in case of self-drive at a particular point.

Door delivery: The customer can opt to deliver at their preferred location.

Rating/feedback: The customer can give feedback and review using the attribute.

In-app Chat/Call: The user can make a call or message to the driver.

Support: The customer can contact the support team in case of any issue.

Upload documents: The customer can upload license documents for verification.

Multi-language: The customer can select the appropriate language for better interaction.

Driver Panel :-

Registration/Log in: The driver can feed and log in by giving the required details and can access the app.

Accept/Reject: The driver can either accept or reject the requests.

Trip information: The driver as soon as he accepts the request, all the required information regarding the customer is provided.

Collect cash: The driver can collect cash from some customers who prefer cash over in – app payments.

Dashboard: The driver can utilize the element to know the earnings/profits, etc.

GPS: Integration of GPS with the app assists in finding the exact location of the customers’ address.

Support: In case of any help needed the driver can contact the support team.

Admin Panel :-

Manage customers: The admin can get to know how many customers are accessing the accounts, which vehicles are being booked and many more.

Manage drivers: The admin can also monitor if the drivers are doing the job allocated and so on.

Manage vehicles: Admin can get to know what all vehicles are booked, which vehicle need service/repairs, etc.

Manage catalogue: The admin can manage the catalogue and can either add/modify or delete the details in the catalogue.

Manage packages: Packages can be set according to the vehicle condition and etc.

Google Analytics: The admin can track and find out the performance of the business, profits and much more information.

Manage payments: The payments can be managed according to the money received – commissions earned, etc.

CMS integration: Integration of CMS with the app can help admin to publish the required information from time to time.

CRM integration: Customer data when you integrate with CRM system you can have a structured database.

There are many other advanced features which we have successfully implemented for our car renting business clients.



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